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Additional CoroCoro details

by Arty2

Details from the August* issue of CoroCoro are as follow:

New Pokémon

  • Kibago [キバゴ], the Tusk Pokémon, Dragon, 0.6m/18kg. It has the Rivalry and Mold Breaker abilities and can learn a new two-hit attack called Double Chop [ダブルチョップ].
  • Koromori [コロモリ], the Bat Pokémon, Psychic/Flying, 0.4m/2.1kg. It has the Unaware and Klutz abilities and learns a new flinching attack called Heart Stamp [ハートスタンプ].
  • Minezumi [ミネズミ], the Lookout Pokémon, Normal, 0.5m/11.6kg. It has the Run Away and Keen Eye abilities and can learn a new attack called You First [おさきにどうぞ] that allows the opponent to attack first.
  • Gochiruzeru [ゴチルゼル], the Celestial Body Pokémon, Psychic, 1.5m/44kg. It has the Frisk ability and learns a new attack called Magic Room [マジックルーム] which negates all held item effects for 5 turns. (version exlusive)
  • Rankusuru [ランクルス], the Amplification Pokémon, Psychic, 1.0m/20.1kg. It has the Magic Guard and Dust-Proof abilities; the latter protects from weather damage. (version exlusive)
  • Wooguru [ウォーグル], the Valor Pokémon, Normal/Flying, 1.5m/41kg. It has the Keen Eye and Encourage (same as Hihidarma) abilities and can learn a new two-turn attack called Free-Fall [フリーフォール]; on the first turn the opponent is lift high up in the air and let to fall on the ground in the second.
  • Mushaana [ムシャーナ], the Trance Pokémon, Psychic, 1.1m/60.5kg. It has the Forewarn and Synchronize abilities. It evolves from the previously revealed Munna, and apparently both give of the Dream Smoke, which is allows the player to access the Pokémon Global Link feature.

New features

  • It is now known, that in Triple Battles, the position of the Pokémon in the battlefield does impact the battle: the middle one can target all three opponents while the ones at the sides can only target the opposing and middle-placed opponents. In case a middle user attacks with a move that hits all Pokémon on the field, it will hit with full power. A new ability called Telepathy [テレパシー] allows the one that has it to avoid damage from team-mates whilst a new, unnamed attack helps the team avoid group attacks such as Earthquake.
  • Pokémon Global Link has apparently two modes. Using the Game Sync feature, a a select Pokémon can travel through the internet to a dream world, where the player can play mini games through their PC or befriend and capture creatures not available in the cartridge. The second mode is a random battle feature, complete with a ranking system.
  • Beside Black City and White Forest, several places may vary depending on your version.
  • Using the InfraRed port embedded in the game cartridge, the player can have a timed speed battle or even trade with 2 or 4 friends. Friend Codes can also be exchanged over IR.
  • Similarly to the DSi’s photo editor, the player can draw on other people’s faces while using the Live Caster video chat feature, which is also to be used by in-game characters. An added option called Feeling Check, calculates the player’s compatibility and specifically, a mini-game that asks the players to keep the same rhythm is shown. (Fild.de now has a related video from the Oha Suta show)
  • Japanese players, can now optionally switch their game’s text to Kanji.
  • Using the High Link feature, the player will be able to interact with players all over the world (via internet) in a certain section of Isshu and help them along their missions.
  • As an extra indicator to Isshu’s region remoteness, the routes have been reset and will begin with Route 1.

New characters

  • Beginner trainers Belle and Cheren get their first Pokémon from prof. Araragi as well and begin their journey along the player. Belle is described as a rather unreliable, spontaneous person that goes on the journey against her father’s wishes. Cheren is intelligent, helpful and intends to be the Isshu Champion.
  • The enigmatic N is the player’s antagonist. He calls Pokémon his friends but apparently intends to set them free from people. He’s seeking the means to realize his dreams.
  • Makomo, prof. Araragi’s assistant, gives the C Gear to the player, after completing her chores.

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* Monthly magazine issues worldwide, circulate within the previous calendar month.

Source: Serebii.net and yaminokame

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