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New Pokemon discovered!!

by Arty2

Just discovered on the Yahoo Kids! web directory.

Victini also appears to be Fire / Psychic! It’s the Victory Pokémon, has the Multiplied Victory [しょうりのまし] ability and is 0.4m tall and weighs 4.0kg. There’s also artwork for Dento and Aloe:

Furthermore, here’s what Gamefreak director Junichi Masuda stated today:

This time in Black and White, there’s new Pokémon till the end. Only new Pokémon come out!

2010-07-04 11:48 – We got an exclusive new video of Shikijika and Pokémon Musical! Shikijika apparently learns Energy Ball while Chillarmy learns Swift and Munna learns a new attack called Psycho Web [サイコーウェブ] Psywave.

In addition to that, a new video from the japanese Nintendo Channel, displays a small scene with Team Plasma members and advertises the video chat functionality.

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