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The CoroCoro rain of news!

by Arty2


Indeed as the fellow webmaster from Pokejungle states in the comments, we’ve been all fooled. Impressive FAKE; my hat’s off to whoever did it. This caught me off town hence the belated update from the phone. You can still see the fake scan after the break.

We do know for sure though, that Aloe is a gym leader. Also, don’t miss the previews news of the day!

New bits of information from the latest CoroCoro magazine are as follow:

  • Mamanboo is 1.2m tall and weighs 31.6kg, Water-type
  • Shikijika is 0.6m tall and weighs 19.5kg. The flower on its head is pink in Spring, green in Summer, orange in Autumn and then brown in Winter.
  • The hometwon of the hero is Kanoko town [カノコタウン] and meets with Team Plasma in Karakusa town [カラクサタウン]
  • The first gym leader is Dent, in Sanyuu City [サンヨウシティ]
  • Alore is the second gym leader, in Shippou City [シッポウシティ]
  • The new fish Pokémon is Girusha [ギルジャ]
  • The green one (which leaked from a toy company a while ago) is named Burokko [ブロッコ], is 0.7m and weighs 43kg
  • The swan one is called Hakubirusu [ハクビルス], is Water/Flying and has the White Winged [しろいつばさ] ability
  • The previously revealed Mamanbou [ママンボウ] is of Water-type, is 1.8m and weighs 120kg


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