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Combination Attacks

by Ninjomewtwo

As revealed in a scan of the CoroCoro Special magazine, Double and Triple battles in Black and White will have a new feature called Combination Attacks. This will allow Pokémon to combine certain attacks into a new effect, if used in a specific order. Three new attacks that work this way were introduced: Grass Oath, Fire Oath and Water Oath.

  • If you use Grass Oath and then Fire Oath, the result will be a field of fire that damages your opponent’s Pokémon each turn.
  • Using Fire Oath and then Water Oath will result in a rainbow which raises the chance of an attack’s secondary effect to happen.
  • Using Water Oath followed by Grass Oath will result in a swamp-like field that lowers the Speed of your opponent’s Pokémon.

Whether these combinations apply to all moves or just specific ones and whether those ’specific’ moves will be available in Single battles as well is still unknown. However, it is certainly an interesting update in the battle mechanics that will definitely change the strategies for Double and Triple battles.