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October CoroCoro surfaces

by Arty2

We did advise you not to bet against the validity of the starter Pokémon evolutions; in case you did, you’ve just lost! If you can’t do the maths then I’m sorry; really. Keep an eye on Pokéxperto for what they have been saying is now officially backed up.

Update: New scans, starter evolutions confirmed beyond any doubt.

And this issue reveals the following:

  • Basurao [バスラオ] the Violence Pokémon, Water-type, knows the Reckless or Adaptability abilities.
  • Yooterii [ヨーテリー] the Toy dog Pokémon, Normal-type, knows the Pick-Up ability.
  • Churoneko [チョロネコ] the Malevolent Pokémon, Dark-type, knows the Limber or Unburden abilities.
  • Tabunne [タブンネ] the Hearing Pokémon, Normal-type, knows the Healing Heart or Regeneration [さいせいりょく] abilities.
  • Monmen [モンメン] the Cotton Ball Pokémon, Grass-type, knows the Mischievous Heart [いたずらごころ] or Slip Through [すりぬけ] abilities.
  • Churine [チュリネ] the Root Pokémon, Grass-type, knows the Chlorophyll or Own Tempo abilities.
  • Tamagutaku [タマゲタケ] the Mushroom Pokémon, Grass/Poison-type, knows the Efect Spore ability.
  • Baffuron [バッフロン] the Headbutt Bull Pokémon, Normal-type, knows the Reckless or Herbivore abilities.
  • Dangoro [ダンゴロ] the Mantle Pokémon, Rock-type, knows the Sturdy ability.
  • Mebukijuka [メブキジカ] the Season Pokémon, Normal-type, knows the Chlorophyll or Herbivore abilities.
  • Baoppu [バオップ] the High Temperature Pokémon, Fire-type, knows the Gluttony ability. It learns a new move called Burst Flame [はじけるほのお] which damages nearby opponents.
  • Hiyappu [ヒヤップ] the Water Covered, Water-type, knows the Gluttony ability. It learns a new move called Boiling Water [ねっとう] can inflict a Burn though it is of Water-type.
  • Hiyappu [ヒヤップ] the Water Covered, Water-type, knows the Gluttony ability. It learns a new move called Boiling Water [ねっとう] can inflict a Burn though it is of Water-type.
  • Desukaan [デスカーン] the Coffin Squirrel, Ghost-type, knows the Mummy [ミイラ] ability.
  • Ononokusu [オノノクス] the Jaw Horn Pokémon, Dragon-type, knows the Rivalry or Mold Breaker abilities.
  • Denchura [デンチュラ] the Electric Spider Pokémon, Bug/Electric-type, knows the Compoundeyes or Anxiety [きんちょうかん] abilities.
  • Doryuuzu [ドリュウズ] the Underground Pokémon, Ground/Steel-type, knows the Sand Throw or Sand Power abilities.
  • Tsutarja’s is called Janobii [ジャノビー], the Grass Snake Pokémon, Grass-type, is 0.8m tall and weighs 16kg and a Grass-type. It knows the Overgrow ability.
  • Pokabu’s is called Chaobuu [チャオブー], the Fire Pig Pokémon, Fire-type, is 1m tall and weighs 55kg. It knows the Blaze ability.
  • Mijumaru’s is called Futachimaru [フタチマル], the Training Pokémon, Water-type, is 0.8m tall and weighs 24.5kg. It knows the Torrent ability.
  • Zekrom’s signature move is Cross Thunder [クロスサンター] and Reshiram’s is Cross Flame [クロスフレイミ]

Update: More translations:

  • A place called Dream Island is located in the Dream World where several Pokémon appear in their respective habitat. This is playable even if you do not own the game!
  • The Plasma Executive is called Geechisu [ゲーチス].
  • N owns Choroneko and Aloe, being a Normal-type Gym Leader, is weak to Chaobuu.
  • There is a Battle option straight on the main menu!
  • The Pokéshifter requires a second Nintendo DS and via DS Download Play the player can transfer their creatures from Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold and SoulSilver versions.

There are two other gym alongside Dento which use the other elemental monkeys. The fire gym leader is named Poddo [ポッド] and the other one is Koon (コーン). The gym leader you face appears to depend upon your starter Pokémon.

Thanks to Serebii for parts of the translation

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