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Generation V stats, types and more!

by Ninjomewtwo

The complete list of the Pokémon’s stats in Generation V games is up! Check it out for the types, base stats, abilities, gender ratios and even the Effort Point yield for any of the 649 Pokémon as well as their formes.

Update: Exclusive! – Arty2 has also obtained the data regarding the Dream World abilities of the Pokémon. Be sure to check the list above for those unique abilities! Undoubtedly, the most notable ones are Drought on Vulpix and Ninetales and Drizzle on Politoed.

Update: The level-up moves for all Pokémon and their formes are up as well!

Update: The TM and HM learnsets are up too. Also, the previous lists now contain the japanese names of the moves and abilities instead of their numbers.Updated! Previous version was erroneus!

Update: Seven move tutors:

  • Draco Meteor – all Dragon-type Pokémon
  • Hydro Cannon – Water-type starters’ final stage
  • Blast Burn – Fire-type starters’ final stage
  • Frenzy Plant – Grass-type starters’ final stage
  • Water Oath – all Water-type starters
  • Fire Oath – all Fire-type starters
  • Grass Oath – all Grass-type starters

Update: Eggmoves added.