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Victini comes to Europe!

by Arty2

You might have seen it marked with a mysterious ? in our events listing, but the latest issue of MCV magazine in the UK revealed all the details.

Similarly to Japan’s own Pokémon Black & White launch, the elusive Victini shall be available on the Nintendo Wi-Fi from March 4th 2011 to April 22nd 2011. The event won’t offer the rare Pokémon directly, but will allow for the download of the Liberty Pass item, which in turn allows the player to access the Liberty Island from the grande Castelia City, where Victini is located.

What is more, real life events will be held in various retail shops across Europe, for those that don’t have access to Wi-Fi internet. Dates may vary across countries. Equivalent events may be held in the Americas.

MCV UK, thanks to our friend Serebii for the tip

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