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Cilan, Chili and Cress

by Ninjomewtwo

The website of the Official Nintendo Magazine has beed updated with a video showing the first Gym Battle of the English Generation V games. The video confirms the English names of the three Gym Leaders.

  • Dento, the Grass-type user, will be known as Cilan.
  • Poddo, the Fire-type user, will be known as Chili.
  • Koon, the Water-type user, will be known as Cress.

Other confirmed names include Lillipup (Yooterii), Timburr (Dokkoraa), Tympole (Otamaro), the move Work Up (previously known as Cheer Up), Striaton City (Sanyou City), Nacrene City (Shippou City) and the Trio Badge.

Update: More screenshots have been uploaded in ONM’s website, you can find them here.

Source: ONM UK