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GameFreak interviewed on Pokemon BW

by Arty2

Junichi Masuda

Within the previews week, the media had the chance to interview GameFreak director Junichi Masuda and developer Mana Ibe.

Most notably, in GameTrailer’s interview Masuda cleared (with an “guilty as charged” smirk) the rumors about them stating that no third version will follow Pokémon Black & White. He goes on to explain they decided to publish this game for the Nintendo DS because they wanted everyone to be able to play it and that nothing designed specifically to take advantage of the 3DS (though the the wording, given that the translation was as accurate, does not exclude the possibility of features that take advantage of 3DS).

What is more, in a similar question asked by IGN, he actually invites the crowd to try the games on the Nintendo 3DS:

IGN: Any plans for a 3DS Pokemon?

Junichi Masuda: Well, Black and White has only just been released in Japan and isn’t even out yet in Europe – I hope people will play Black and White on their 3DS!

Update: Well, reports of people from Japan that played Pokémon Black/White on the 3DS prove that there are no extra features whatsoever.

German fansite Bisafans also had the chance to ask some interesting questions, while a couple of traditional magazines had a go as well. Let us know in the comments if you come across another interview online!

Update: Another interesting new interview in GVG:

CVG: Would you like to work on a 3DS Pokémon project? What are your current plans?

Masuda: I would like to do something beyond people’s expectations. That is all I can say.

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