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Pokemon Global Link update

by Ninjomewtwo

PGL logo

Earlier today, Pokémon Global Link performed a major update along with the usual Tuesday maintenance. The first season of the Global Battle Union is officially over and the rankings will be announced on July 12th, the top 100 trainers in the Overall Rankings will receive a special commemorative avatar for use in the PGL.

The most important part of this maintenance though is the upgrades it introduced in the Dream World. Firstly, the Dream Pal limit of 10 users has been raised to 20, although there is still no way to actually search for a certain user. Secondly, an extra garden bed has been added so users with a certain amount of points are low limited to 15 berry spots instead of 12. Certainly these are not some intriguing upgrades but, at least, growing berries and gathering Dream Points has become much easier and faster now.