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European Pokemon VGC dates + DW Mamoswine

by Ninjomewtwo

National VGC

The official Pokémon website has just updated with the dates and locations for the European Video Game National Championships. The dates are:

  • UK
  • Date:
    Saturday 3rd March
    Birmingham NEC: Hall 11
  • Germany
  • Date:
    Saturday 10th March
    Essen, Messe Essen, Halle 1A
  • France
  • Date:
    Saturday 17th March
    Paris, Espace Champerret, Hall C
  • Spain
  • Date:
    Saturday 24th March
    Madrid, IFEMA, Pabellón 5
  • Italy
  • Date:
    Sunday 1st April
    Milan, Centro Congressi Milanfiori, Strada 1

The top 4 players in every division (Juniors, Seniors and Masters) of every championship will earn travel awards to Hawaii in order to participate in the World Championship on August 10th-12th, among numerous other prizes of course.


Update: Owners of American and Australian Black and White will have the opportunity to download the special Mamoswine that Europe has already received via the PGL. Mamoswine comes at level 34 and will have its hidden ability, Thick Fat. Mamoswine will be up for download until February 16th, 2012 and the password needed to obtain it is POKEMONDOTCOM.

Source: Pokémon.com