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English Mewtwo Wi-Fi Distribution

by Ninjomewtwo


The official Pokémon website has announced a new Wi-Fi event for all English language Black and White games. The Pokémon distributed this time is the mighty Mewtwo and it is expected to have the same moveset as the one distributed in Japan last year. Thus, it will probably be at level 70, with its normal ability, Pressure, King’s Rock as its held item and the moves Psystrike, Shadow Ball, Aura Sphere and the previously unobtainable Electro Ball. It will come in a Cherish Ball while having a Premier Ribbon attached. The event will start on February 12th and will last for two weeks, ending on February 26th.

What’s with Mewtwo being in the spotlight so much lately? Apart from the event, Mewtwo is also the star of the new TCG set, Next Destinies, that will be released on February 8th.

Update: Mewtwo’s moveset and held item have been confirmed, it’s the same one as the japanese one as we predicted.

Update: Ah, how could we forget, Mewtwo’s birthday is on February 6th, that’s why it gets all this attention. 😀

Source: Pokémon.com