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CoroCoro leaks

by Ninjomewtwo

As expected, scans of the latest issue of CoroCoro have started leaking once again. For the time being, we only have the cover of the magazine which shows 2 new Mega Evolutions, Mega Garchomp and a second Mega Mewtwo, you can see them in the bottom right corner of the picture. We will update this post once new details and/or pictures become available so keep checking back!

UNCONFIRMED: New Mega Mewtwo’s type is Psychic/Fighting. Its ability is Steadfast. Mega Garchomp’s ability is Sand Force. The starters all keep their single type in their respective evolutions. Two new fossil Pokémon, a Rock/Dragon-type and a Rock/Ice-type. Fairy-type is super effective against Fighting, Dragon and Dark, not very effective against Fire, Poison and Steel, weak to Poison and Steel, resistant to Fighting, Bug and Dark and immune to Dragon. Steel is not resistant to Ghost and Dark anymore. Keep in mind that the info above is unconfirmed until there’s a picture proving otherwise.

Update: Pictures of the above information are starting to appear, thus confirming them. The new Mega Mewtwo is called Mega Mewtwo X, has a higher Attack than Mewtwo, is an X exclusive and mega-evolves with the Mewtwonite X. Obviously, the previously revealed Mega Evolution of Mewtwo is called Mega Mewtwo Y, is a Y exclusive and mega-evolves with the Mewtwonite Y. The Rock/Ice fossil Pokémon, Amarusu, has the ability Freeze Skin which turns Normal-type moves into Ice-type and raises their power. It can also use Aurora Beam. The Rock/Dragon T-Rex fossil, Chigorasu, has the ability Strong Jaw which raises the power of biting moves (Bite, Crunch, etc) and can use Crunch. The white, poodle-like Pokémon that was revealed last week, Torimian, is Normal-type and comes with the ability Fur Coat which lowers the damage done by attacks that involve physical contact. You can also change its appearence by trimming its fur. A new Pokémon, Nyaonix, is a Psychic-type cat. Its female form is white, its male one is blue. The movepool of the two genders is different, the male one has more supporting options like Miracle Eye while the female one is the offensive one with moves like Extrasensory. Their abilities are Keen Eye and Infiltrator.

Update: Picture of the starters’ second stage added, meet Hariboogu (Chespin’s evo), Teerunaa (Fennekin’s evo) and Gekogashira (Froakie’s evo). They all keep their single type. Hariboogu has the Overgrow ability and knows Mud Shot, Teerunaa has the Blaze ability and knows Psyshock and Gekogashira has the Torrent ability and knows Bounce.

You can also see the five Team Flare scientists: Kuseroshiki, Momiji, Bara, Korea and Akebi. Their goal is to create a beautiful world. There’s also an actress named Karune who apparently has something to do with changing your character’s appearence and hairstyle at a boutique and a salon. She’s also a trainer and you can battle her in the game.

A picture of the type effectiveness chart has been added as well, confirming the aforementioned matchups for Fairy-type as well as Steel-type losing its resistances to Dark and Ghost.

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