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CoroCoro reveals new ORAS infos

by pekinoua

The next CoroCoro magazine has leaked online, containing a ton of new Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire information. First of all, it confirms that the rest of the Hoenn starters are getting Mega Evolutions. Mega Swampert’s ability is Swift Swim and it keeps the Water/Ground typing. Mega Sceptile has LightningRod and it gets the Dragon sub-type, adding a new unique type combination to the games. Another Mega evolution also debuted, with the announcement of Mega Diancie. It retains its type and apparently it has a new ability, marked as ??? in the scans.

Details on the cover Pokémon were also revealed. They’re called Prehistoric Groudon and Prehistoric Kyogre and they’re an Ancient Devolution. It’s unknown if this process is a new type of Mega Evolution. Also, it appears that Mega Evolutions are triggered by a new item called Mega Bangle. Moreover, Steven was shown having a Mega Charizard X while Acro Bike and Mach Bike are confirmed to return.

The scans also have the official art for the main characters, hinting at a return of trainer customization. Team Magma’s and Team Aqua’s Leaders, Maxie and Archie respectively, were also featured along with each teams Admins and Grunts, having a redesigned look. Team Magma’s Admins are named Tabitha and Courtney, while Team Aqua’s Admins are Matt and Shelley. Also, it’s confirmed that the team you face is based on the version you have, like the original games.

Thanks to Serebii for the scans.