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We are still around; we are now 14 yo

by Arty2

As long as I remember making content for this website, it’s been an off and on kind of thing, but that’s how hobbies are. Sometimes we may look back with a bittersweet smile on the lips, to all the plentiful workhours we have invested here, or any other part of the Pokémon community. Still, I’m actually happy it remained an amateur’s work: by definition a work of one in love with what they’re doing. This trip has lasted 14 years so far, and one way or another, we’re still around.

These days the Legendary Pokémon crew is absorbed into other fields, playing the games like in the old days instead of dissecting them. Oh by the way, the long overdue update of the IV Calculator for Ω Ruby and α Sapphire is in the works; we’ll keep you posted.

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