“The Website Previously Known as Legendary Pokémon.”

Netiquette, or “The Rules”

This is a civilized space for public discussion, and the following rules apply to all community members, including moderators and long-time regulars.

TL;DR: Treat others with respect and be kind, or get out.

  1. Be cool. Don’t post insulting, bullying, victim-blaming, racist, sexist, or homophobic remarks.
  2. Please do not post, or link to stuff that you do not have the legal right to distribute.
  3. Stay on topic and do not spam. Refrain from roleplaying fictional conversations. Do not ever blatantly advertise or attempt to scam others.
  4. Do not pretend to have authority. Report the bad and avoid contentless comments. Report abusing moderators to other moderators.
  5. We have the right to delete an account or content at any time for any reason. Remember to export your data right after making dodgy comments.
  6. Do not try to work around the rules. These are not hard and fast rules, merely aids to the human judgment of our community.

Based on the community rules of Boing Boing.