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Hello Pokefans!

by Trapper

You may be surprised with this article because I told you that I Will be on vacations. Well, actually I am, but I managed to find a laptop and I will be with you till the end of this month.
Today, I will share with you another Type 1 deck, known as Sneasel-maker. The elder players should know it. Well, here is the decklist:

3 Sneasel (Neo 1)
3 Cleffa (Neo 1)
3 Scyther (Jungle)
3 Cleffairy (Jungle)
3 Cleffable (Jungle)
3 Grimer (Fossil)
2 Muk (Fossil)

3 Lass (Basic Set)
3 Computer search (Basic set)
3 Item Finder (Basic set)
4 Professor Oak (Basic set)
1 Town Volunteers (Aquapolis)
2 Warp point (Gym challenge)
3 Gust of wind (Basic set)
2 Plus Power (Basic set)
3 Gold berry (Neo 1)
2 Lucky stadium (Neo 3)
2 Energy charge (Neo 1)

4 Double colourless energy (Basic set)
4 Recycle energy (Neo 1)
4 Dark energy (Neo 1)

This is the decklist. The strategy is known. You want to stall time until you have sneasel ready to clear the field. So play lass, then eeeeeeek with cleffa to get back your cards, use metronome, and do switch tricks with scyther. Muk is here to help you against annoying Pokemon powers like Slowking’s. So build it and have fun.