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Exclusive: New name 60% confirmed.

by Arty2

The name of the Pokemon shown below is: … Absol.
Also, another Pokemon has been revealed: Eneko, a cat-like creature. Other new names are: Namakero, Habunake, Gonyonyo, Bakuong, Zareega, Zarligan, Agehunt, Hassboh, Hasubrero, Runpappa, Kemusso, Kararma.
Other names’ source: www.pokefor.tk
* information about Absol’s name exclusively in LP and remember: not officially confirmed

Edit: In the end it was proven that the name of the Pokemon mentioned in the above game was Yamirami (Sambleye) whilst Absol or Abusorus was the Pokemon we all know as Absol in english. This was the first and the last time that Legendary Pokemon posted false information, even the GBA 2 case which many blamed as false came true as the GBA SP.

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