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More updates!

by Arty2

A new game has been added to our online games section: [Unown Ticktacktoe]. What is more, there is information about R/S being compatible with the E-reader.
However, don’t except much before the game gets officially released. We will post the english names only if they all become known. Finally, the staff members’ corners may open again very soon so stay tuned!
PS. I am studying PHP so we can have a better Pokedex
PS2. In the Greek version of the site, I have a form that allows you to enter your mobile phone number in order to subscribe in a mobile phone “mailing list” for free. If you want to get free SMSs about everything we learn just when we learn it or if you want to know when the site has been updated then e-mail me [here] and I’ll make something like that for people from other countries too.

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