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Downloads up!

by Arty2

I don’t know if you noticed but after Spring brake there’s an exams period. Well since no one can avoid them seems like we will have less updates than before. However don’t let this get you down. Go to our renovated [downloads section] and get as much as you can! Legendary Pokemon Browser, backgrounds and Winamp skins with more to come! I’ll also be covering a TCG event on 4th May so I’ll you some strategy articles, photographs and reports. You may also notice that Pokemon Box the so called Pokemon GameCube game will be released this summer in Japan. It won’t be like the Stadiums but will allow you to play R/S in your TV and will also have place to deposit 1500 Pokemon! As for Europe, seems we are getting R/S on 25th July. I only hope Nintendo loved their Europe fans a bit more.

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