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Back in action!

by Arty2

I had a lot of free time between swimming in the sea and watching the Olympic Games on the TV; yes I am still on holidays but in few days I’ll be back in action. So what’s added/altered: a Base Stats and a Max Stats page, a Stat calculator and an IV calculator, a new Consoles page (it still needs some work), a page about Southern Island and one for Mirage Island, a page explaining Natures, a list of all items in R/S (there’s even a Berry Juice), a list of all Pokémon abilities, a TM/HM list, a refreshed Berrydex and finally a Stats and Training page which explains how a Pokémon’s grow and everything you need to know about what makes a Pokémon stronger than another. I am also sure that I missed some news on Pokémon Emerald but I’ll cover everything, as soon as I am finished with some problems with our news system
Edit: Commenting has been also enabled again!
Edit (30 August):I added a list of all items in Fire Red/Leaf Green along with sprites.

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