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Emerald is already shining!

by Eraleas

Long awaited and is about to surprise!
The Emerald version is not simply a remake of the Ruby and Sapphire versions… It’s a totally new, different game with twists that no one could have ever predicted.

Pokémon Emerald takes Pokémon to a new level, introducing animations, a feature already presented in Pokémon Crystal as well as a different storyline:
– Fight against both Team Aqua and Team Magma who have shifted their bases to new locations of Hoenn!
– Learn why Wallace, Sootopolis’ Gym Leader, has replaced Steven, as the new Champion! Who could possibly be Sootopolis’ Gym Leader now?
– Catch all three Groudon, Kyogre and Rayquaza who have also moved to other places!

Except for the storyline changes, the game designers have altered Hoenn as well:
– The Contests are now held in only one building!
– Battle Towers with various events have been built throughout the world! Beat the opponent under unusual rules and get to obtain one of his Pokémon!
– Battle against two opponents at once even if not prepared to do so as Pokémon trainers on same routes, unite to beat your team!
– Enter new regions where Pokémon unseen in Ruby and Sapphire appear!
– Catch Mew!
– Use the new, updated Pokémon Abilities!
– Have rematches with Gym Leaders, in brand-new Gym looks!

As you can see, a lot has changed in so little time!
Stay tuned, as Legendary Pokémon is preparing an article including all new features, many pics and much, much more, just for you!

Edit:An article including all of Emerald’s known Features has been added here