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Pokemon TCG: EX Deoxys news

by Eraleas

More news concerning the EX Deoxys set which is about to be released in a few days!

The EX Deoxys set contains 107 cards with over 80 Pokémon, 12 Trainer cards, 9 Pokémon-ex, and 3 “star” cards. Each Theme Deck, Starcharge and Jetstream contains 60 cards, a card list, a Deoxys game coin, damage counters, an updated rulebook and a half-size playmat.


Three out of four Deoxys forms are present in the set: Normal, Attack and Defense Deoxys in standard and EX versions! Its Link Blast attack gains extra power if Deoxys manages to have the same amount of Energy attached to itself as the opponent’s Defending Pokémon. Each Deoxys has the Poképower “Form Change” which allows him to switch between forms!
Rayquaza and Jirachi also make an appearance in this set as well as a new type of cards, “Star” cards featuring Latios and Latias while new, handy Trainer cards will surely satisfy any deck. For example, the new Trainer card “Meteor Falls” allows Pokémon to use attacks from all of their previous forms!

More scans to come soon!

Source: www.pokemon.com