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EX Deoxys and Colosseum XD

by Eraleas

Firstly, two new scans of the first two cards presented in yesterday’s news (that is Deoxys and Attack Deoxys) have been added in the EX Deoxys Card List. I do hope you enjoy them!

Secondly, it has been stated that Pokémon Colosseum 2 also now known as Pokémon Colosseum XD for Nintendo Gamecube, will probably be released in the US on November the 14th at a price of around $50.00. We can’t really predict what “XD” stands for yet, but we’re open to suggestions!

13_cube1.jpg 13_cube2.jpg
These are older images of the upcoming Pokémon Colosseum XD

That’s all news for today. See you soon!