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Pokemon of the Week RS: Beedrill

by Eraleas

Beedrill artwork

General info

Swarm (Bug type moves are multiplied by 1.5 when HP are below 1/3rd)
Base Stats
  • HP: 65
  • Attack: 80
  • Defense: 40
  • Special Attack: 45
  • Special Defense: 80
  • Speed: 75

Beedrill is not all that good; his defenses is particularly poor, making it unable to withstand a physical hit with a Defense score of 40. His dual type makes him vulnerable to some common types so his Special Defense score of 80 will not help too much! By summarizing the above, we conclude his ability, Swarm, turns out to be a bit useless in case it gets knocked out with one hit. Moreover, it has not any great Bug type moves in his movepool; not even its signature move, Twineedle. Its HP are not all that impressive either!

Online Pokédex
Click here

Role: Physical Sweeper

Item Held
Salac Berry (raises Speed when HP are low)/Liechi Berry (raises Attack when HP are low)
Jolly (+Speed –Special Attack)/Adamant (+Attack –Special Attack)
Effort Points
252 Attack, 252 Speed, 6 HP
  • Swords Dance
  • Aerial Ace
  • Brick Break
  • Hidden Power Bug

Your best deal is to obtain a strong Hidden Power Bug on Beedrill, for both STAB and Swarm to take effect. Swords Dance will help you deliver stronger hits but be cautious when using it since you might not last too long to enjoy its effects. Try use it when predicting a switch. Aerial Ace is reliable and has a decent damage as is Brick Break. I know… Beedrill uses up a lot of TMs!

Egg Moves

Weedle cannot learn any moves through breeding with Pokémon of the Bug Egg Group.

Training Grounds

This section is to advise you on the areas in which you can train for the acquisition of the Effort Points presented above. It is recommended you use 10 vitamins on the stat you desire to raise. Do not use vitamins on stats that require less than 100 Effort Points. Equip the Macho Brace on your Pokémon to speed up the process even more.

Rusturf Tunner [Wishmur +1]
Fish with Super Rod on Route 118 [Carvanha +1]
Route 118 [Elektrike +1] [Manectric +2] [Zigzagoon +1] [Linoone +2] [Wingull +1]
Fire Red/Leaf Green
Viridian Forest [Caterpie +1]
Routes 16, 18 [Doduo +1] [Dodrio +2]
Routes 13 to 15 [Pidgey +1] [Pidgeotto +2]
Diglett’s Cave [Diglett +1] [Dugtrio +2]


Item Held
Red Scarf
Contest Moveset
Agility [Cool]
Aerial Ace [Cool]
Cut [Cool]
Hyper Beam [Cool]

This moveset is suited for Cool Contests. You should use Agility followed by Aerial Ace. The other two moves are simply fillers. Simply follow this strategy and you will prevail in the Contest, provided that you take full advantage of the items and the Pokéblocks. Your best deal is to appeal first.

More precisely

  • If you appeal 1st:
    • Round 1: Aerial Ace
    • Round 2: Agility
    • Round 3: Aerial Ace
    • Round 4: Agility
    • Round 5: Aerial Ace
  • If you appeal 2nd, 3rd or 4th:
    • Round 1: Agility
    • Round 2: Aerial Ace
    • Round 3: Agility
    • Round 4: Aerial Ace
    • Round 5: Agility

Useful Links: If you are not familiar with game language used above, read through the
Stats & Training Guide, the Team Building Guide and the Egg Group Guide. More guides shall be added soon to help you out. If you have suggestions on additional movesets for either Battles or Contests, please post them in the Comments section. I will then evaluate them and probably add some of them, giving you credit.