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More on Pokemon XD: Dark Winds, Dark Lugia!

by Arty2

There are some new Corocoro scans around, and a few of them reveal more information on Pokémon XD (Xtra Dimension). Here are the links to the scans (reload if they don’t show up): [1], [2], [3], [4], [5], [6], [7], [8], [9], [10]. Links 9 and 10 have information about Pokémon XD and the rest are about the new movie.
Pokémon Forever reports:

Corocoro scans of Pokemon XD (Xtra Dimension), Genius Sonority’s second Pokemon RPG, have been uploaded by “名無しローダー” (default for name not given). Confirmed here is the title: “Pokemon XD: Yami-no Kaze Dark Lugia” or “Pokemon XD: Dark Winds Dark Lugia”.
The screenshots and pages show a new trainer with the Snagem Machine. The trainer also has an “Aura Searcher”, presumably to find Pokemon with a aura shadow, as Rui does for Wes in Pokemon Colosseum. So, what purpose may the blue-haired “Mina” serve? And what is “Mina’s kerai”?
It seems the main character adventures together with an Eevee, similar to how Wes has Espeon and Umbreon travelling with him.
All shown battles appear to be 1VS1 rather than 2VS2.
Dark Pokemon shown include Lugia and Teddiursa. But, why is Dark Lugia the colour black? Why do its eyes glow red?
Why does Munchlax appear? (It’s not in battle, it’s standing somewhere saying “Gohn”.)
Another screenshot shows the main character along in a haunted-looking town, with text about Ghost-Types.

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