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Diamond and Pearl, XD and other News!

by Eraleas

RukarioIt has been confirmed by Coro Coro (scan) that the upcoming games for the Nintendo DS, Diamond & Pearl, are due for realease during 2006, as many have predicted!

It has also been stated that there will be no new type additions. However, there will be new type combinations as well as many new Pokémon, some of which are Prevos or Evos of already known Pokémon.

The best news yet; the new games will be compatible with those of the Advance Generation and Pokémon will be transferable! Isn’t that a relief?

Another very encouraging thing is that Diamond & Pearl will make use of the DS Wireless capabilities, allowing to link up with up to 16 players!

At what magnificent gaming level will Pokémon reach this time?

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There has also been rumors of a new project named Pokémon Ranger. However, the nature of this is still unclear!

A new trailer of the upcoming movie, Mew and the Wave Guiding Hero has been revealed!

Last but not least, another trailer demonstrating Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness is available. It is now confirmed that there is a single area where you may catch Wild Pokémon, 12 different shadow attacks and new Battle Modes.

Moreover, starting on August the 28th, those who preorder a copy of the game will also receive a Pokémon XD Gamecube Skin. In addition to all this, a Pokémon XD Limited Edition Bundle will be available which will include GameCube, a controller, Pokémon XD, and a Pokémon XD faceplate. The release date is set for October the 3rd.

We shall come up with a page related to Pokémon XD, including all available information.

That is all for today!