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Special 8th Movie screening in Japan!

by Eraleas

Nintendo representatives have hinted in the past that the wireless function of the dual-screened system, Nintendo DS would be used for special movie screenings.

Now it is confirmed here that a special screening of the movie 2005, Mew and the Wave Guiding Hero: Rukario taking place from 1st-25th September in Nagoya will allow viewers having a Nintendo DS and one of the Advance Generation game cartridges of Pokémon (Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, FireRed or LeafGreen) to download wirelessly during the screening, one of the legendary Regis; Registeel, Regirock or Regice onto their Nintendo DS.

We are not totally sure of what happens thereafter, that is whether the Pokémon is simply added inside a box, the pokédex or whatever else. Japanese is not our first language after all!

The whoie downloading thing sounds pretty awesome if you ask me!

Special thanks to Whiteyoshi, our newest staff member for letting me know on this!