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Pokemon TCG: World Championships 2005

by Eraleas

Pokémon TCG: World Championships 2005

Things really heated up in San Diego on the 21st and 22nd of August, during the Pokemon TCG: World Championships 2005! Excitement, competition, surpsises! The big fiesta had it all!

Fans from America, Europe and Japan competed furiously in the Trading Card Game which ended victoriously for the Americans! Here is a listing of the top 4 players in each age category:

Up to 10 years old
  1. Curran Hill (USA) : World Champion 2005
  2. Geoffrey Sauk (USA)
  3. Michael Gonzalez (USA)
  4. Jefre Robert (Belgium)
11 to 14 years old:
  1. Stuart Benson (USA) : World Champion 2005
  2. Takashi Yoneda (Japan): Vice World Champion 2005
  3. Daniel Richard (USA)
  4. Andrew Knaack (USA)
15 years old and older:
  1. Jeremy Maron (USA) : World Champion 2005
  2. Ross Cawthon (USA): Vice World Champion 2005
  3. Pablo Meza Alonso (Mexico)
  4. Ken Yukuhiro (Japan)

Other fans enjoyed movie screenings, including Destiny Deoxys, many others downloaded the Mystic Ticket while a vast majority were strolling around, enjoying the weather and taking pictures with their favorite Pokémon characters!