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Pokemon of the Week [30]

by Eraleas


Here is one of my favourite Pokémon –and most popular to be honest- of all times in the Pokémon of the Week column! Brimming with psionic energy and armed with keen intellect, I present you the almighty Alakazam!.

Leave your comments and suggestions if you feel like doing so.

I finally obtained my brand new super-computer yesterday so I will from now on have access to everything I was doing and add the Pokémon Elements article I promised.

In other news, we were informed about the new Pokémon’s classifications. As expected, Tarmanta is classified as a Kite Pokémon, just like its evolution, Mantine, Manafi as a Voyage Pokémon, Perappu as a Music Note Pokémon and Buizeru as a Sea Weasel Pokémon.

Based on the above information and their appearances, we may assume what types they could be.

The new Pokémon page has been updated.