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Mew used Refresh!

by Arty2

After an admitedly long time of absence, the so called re-design is here at last. Still not everything is how I wanted, but it’s now in a stable stage. Small edits will continue to happen but it’s more likely that nobody will notice them. It should look decent in most modern browsers and only Internet Explorer (6 and backwards) may have some minor rendering problems with a few pages; but hey, you should know that anyway. A few pages may not validate for now, but everything shall be fixed soon.

The problem with redesigns is that you often want to change more than you should. Why even change it if it works someone might add. In the case of Legendary Pokémon, many pages had been added at times that my knowledge of PHP or even HTML wasn’t that advanced. However I resisted changing many things because that would be time inefficient for me; I just didn’t want to make everything from scratch just to make it look/work better. It’s those times that you should think ahead and plan what features you may need for your backend, having in mind that you have a whole lot of older pages that should work flawlessly. Ah anyway, we all know that being yourself’s employee is tough, don’t we?

The Control Panel’s layout changer is not working at the momenth because I need to convert the old layouts first. I’ll be slowly adding new things on an almost per day basis. Today I shall give you our updated Typechart; did you even know that there are 82 type combinations?

If the new layout looks really weird, try to empty your browser’s cache (multiple refreshes will do). And there seems to be some problem about the header with some Firefox and Safari users; I am working on that now.

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Heracles is an Athens-based architect and designer.
He founded LegendaryPKMN in 2001.