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Five years of Legendary Pokemon!

by Arty2

Pikachu and a birthday cake First of all excuse us for any inconvenience caused by our small downtime; everything had to be deleted and reuploaded for technical reasons. Comments are disabled for now due to some recent spam attacks, but they will be restored soon. We’ll try to catch up with any recent Pokémon news as soon as possible.

Countless pages were changed. The backend’s redesign is finally complete and that allows for a proper Sitemap. The ID Event calculator can now calculate the Lilycove Lady, the Stat Calculator and the IV & Stat Calculator have had a few fixes in their formulae, the Attack Database now includes contest combos, some new guides have been added under our Pokémon Guides page, and there have been many changes to the locations of many pages (contact us if you notice any broken links).

Last but not least, our site completes 5 years of online presense tommorow and since it’s our birthday, a renewed Downloads page has been created. The most interesting thing you can find there is… a downloadable version of our complete Pokédex and Attack Database (preview) for your offline enjoyment! There’s also a new page about the website’s history in case you want to know more about us and what is more, most of the old layouts plus two bonus ones have been added once again to our Control Panel.

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