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Wii promised…

by Arty2

There’s a plethora of Wii related news today. First of all the system launches in Japan on December 2nd for 25000¥ while some news websites report that it will be released on November 19th at $250 in the USA. Wii’s menu offers various interactive software, like the Opera browser, a news viewer, weather channel and much more. You can check the excellent report of 4 color rebellion or the official Wii website for more.

Apparently, Pokémon Battle Revolution is going to be released in December and a new gameplay video shows a battle between Groudon and Kyogre versus Diaruga/Dialga Parukia/Palkia. It is going to be the first online game in Japan.

It’s official: Wii’s worldwide debut happens in the USA, on November 19, at $249.99 though only in white color at launch.

Two new videos for Diamond and Pearl have been released, click on the links right below the video applet to see them.

Pokémon Battle Revolution video

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