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“How much has Pokemon influenced your life?” by 青龍

by Arty2

Nintendo released Pokemon when I was first grade. I didn’t know what the
game was until I encountered it in the second grade. My parents gave me
Super Mario RPG. It was fun.

Then I heard about pokemon, I didn’t want to play it, and I made fun of
Pokemon because I liked Mario very much.

The story of me coming to like Pokemon is not only intresting ,but also
brings back nostalgic memories.

In 1997, I started watching the Pokemon anime so that I could follow my
friend’s conversations, since TV was free.

But I continued to make fun of the Pokemon games until November 21, 1999
Why do you think I come to like pokemon very much?

On November 21 my best friend gave me pokemon gold. why? Because he and his
brother had reserved the pokemon gold and silver but his brother already
didn’t want to play it because the sale was delayed.

I knew it was very difficult to buy it and it was very popular. And my best
friend wanted to trade “pokemon”. So I reluctantly started to play it.
Against expectations, Pokemon gradually became more interesting as I played
it. And so I came to like Pokemon a little.

I enjoyed fighting, trading, etc. And In 2001 I made a Mew in my friend’s
game, then I made a copy of it and traded it over. It symbolize, The Pokemon
is one of made memories with the old friend of mine.

In 2002, I bought Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire, then in 2004 I bought FireRed,
LeafGreen and Emerald and set up my site.

And in 2006 I am going to buy Diamond and Pearl.

Surely, Pokemon will continue, carrying the dreams and memories of many

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