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New rules about Diamond and Pearl online!

by Arty2

Just two weeks ago, Nintendo and Pokémon Company issued a few rules for the Battle Tower and GTS system, in an effort to counter the widespread phenomenon of Pokémon created with the use of cheat devices. He follows the (rough) translation of the aforementioned notice:

Information concerning the rules of “Pokémon Diamond and Pearl”

In order to keep using the features of the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection we created the following rules for the Battle Tower and the GTS.

1. Attack rules

Only Pokémon with the following Attack criteria are allowed:

  1. learned by Level Up
  2. learned by a TM/HM
  3. learned by breeding
  4. learned by a Move Tutor
  5. official Pokémon Event distributed Pokémon that know special attacks

2. Rules concerning modifications

It is not permitted to use devices that can be used to change the game’s data. Such devices can damage the game and/or erase the player’s progress.

We ask for your understanding and co-operation, so that
every player can continue enjoying the games.

Please note that new rules may be added of existing ones may change.

About the author


Heracles is an Athens-based architect and designer.
He founded LegendaryPKMN in 2001.

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