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Legendary Pokemon Wii!

by Arty2

Screenshot of Legendary Pokemon Wii

Most of you might think that we’re not doing any site work (and you are probably right) but I have now proof to prove you wrong! I have uploaded something I have been working on for a while (though still in beta), but only Wii users get to fully enjoy it: a Wii version of Legendary Pokémon. You can still check it via your PC browser but it’s optimized for viewing on the Wii Opera browser. There’s no extra settings to do if you own a Wii, just visit our website and it will detect your Wii browser automatically.

Many more exciting features are planned for the Wii version of the site, so stay tuned!

Plus a little treat: the first user to reply with a link to a photo of his Wii on Legendary Pokémon will win a legendarypokemon.net email address of his choice!

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