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New version of the Individual Value Calculator!

by Arty2

IV Calculator

Our Advanced Individual Value & Stat Calculator has reached version 7. It has been completely re-written since the last version and now includes among others, a new GUI, improved calculation functions, a theme system, Base Stats and Nature effect display. The autocomplete features will make it much easier to use than before and the re-written Save system will allow you to store your results in your Bookmarks or send them to your friends. It also exports the calculated results in a single line plain text format so that you can easily copy/paste it to your Instant Messenger or IRC client of choice. All names of the Diamond/Pearl Pokémon appear highlighted, because most of them are still tentative.

Early in the redesign proccess of the GUI I had to make a choice: go for clean semantic code or use tables and ugly code. I really wanted to choose the first option, but I also needed an interface that displays the same in all major browsers under a resolution of at least 800×600. Unfortunately, even the latest of Internet Explorer isn’t really fond of the advanced CSS techniques one could use to have a similar effect without tables (and the available ways required too much junk code to make it work just for IE) so I decided to use the ugly but universaly working technique of tables hence the codename “Tagsoup” -may the deities of web design spare me. The old version will be still available for some time.

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