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All new Pokemon names leaked!

by Arty2

It’s amazing how Nintendo can “protect” (Mr. Evil style) their data these days. Apparently all the english names of the IV Generation Pokémon have been leaked throughout the Internet more than a month ahead of the games’ release in North America; well if they can’t make their own employees keep such a thing confidential well then they can’t complain about people spoiling their games. What’s to follow? The confidential presspack I guess but I really wish someone would leak the games’ source code; that’d make our lives much easier.

If all the comments above were tiring (yet necessary to be said in my opinion), here’s the deal: a nifty list of all the new Pokémon names, complete with sprites and Pokédex links. Finally, because I don’t have such sources, here’s the big leak: GameFAQs forums

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