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European Manaphy codes!

by Arty2

Thanks to WiiDS.co.uk we have the english Manaphy password, one day before its official release. The German one was announced in the official Manaphy website while the Spanish one had leaked a week ago by. The rest iof the European passwords will be released tommorow.

  1. Turn the game on and choose the Ranger Net option.
  2. Hold down the R, X buttons and ← on the D-Pad to unlock the password option under Ranger Net.
  3. Enter the password according to your version:
    North American
    P8M2 9D6F 43H7
    English (Europe)
    Mg35 Cpb8 4FW8
    R3d4 cv2S WC7W
    C58f t3WT Vn79
  4. A new mission called Rescue the Egg should be available under the special mission list.

Source: Bulbanews

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