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Six years and two days later.

by Arty2

Six Years Old

Almost six years ago I wrote this website’s very first post. Six amazing years with ups and downs, complete with rich memories. What matters most to me are the good friends I have made through this website and your continuous support.

Whilst on my free time away from the sunny seashores and the evening drinks, I have been making various little tweaks on the Pokédex, updated the Gen III Pokédex, added a couple of new pages, created two new downloadable tools and refreshed the Open-The-Source section with something that will make all programming-savy fans very very happy. Alas, the internet café I am visiting right now, has no decent internet connection and therefore I am not able to upload any of the above for now. No worries though; my vacations (unfortunately) end this weekend and I should be able to upload everything till Sunday night. In the meanwhile, I get to swim more and further advance in my copy of Pokémon Pearl… and what’s that I hear about a Pokémon Trainer as a newcomer in Super Smash Bros. Brawl?

Finally, a couple of things for you to think about while waiting:

  • What’s with Slugma and Heat Wave? It can learn Heat Wave as a breeding move since Ruby/Sapphire but cannot breed with any Pokémon that can pass it down, yet a Magcargo in Colosseum does know that move!
  • Apparently, not only Gen III Pokémon can appear in Pal Park. Looks like the programmers put some deep thought into D/P’s Pal Park data and every Pokémon has a logical set of location, points and rarity (Arceus for example appears in the Mountain Area); more on this when I get back.

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