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Downloadable Pokedex and more!

by Arty2

New Downloads

Whilst I have been working on this for a while, various reasons made me postpone the update for a while now, but here you have it, our complete Pokédex, in downloadable format for your offline enjoyment. That’s not all though, you can also download most of the raw data our Pokédex uses; it’s not in a common format (told you it’s raw) but if you’re programmer-savvy you’ll know what to do with it anyway. A new offline tool has been added: a Moveset Search for both GenIV and GenIII, though have in mind that some egg move combinations are still impossible no matter what the tool says. Finally, there’re also some new resources, such as vector artwork for the first 386 Pokémon, a new wallpaper and a re-newed Regice cut-out paper model. Enjoy!

Don’t forget to pay a visit to our chatroom; you may always find people to battle or trade Pokémon with.

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Heracles is an Athens-based architect and designer.
He founded LegendaryPKMN in 2001.