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Pokemon Global Trading Station

by Arty2

Screenshot of the GTS

It’s been a few days since Nintendo launched the Pokémon GTS website, a very impressive Flash 9 (therefore incompatible with the Nintendo Wii) application that displays the most recent trades on the GTS and statistics about every species traded or every country in the system and even learn interesting bits of information about those countries.

From Friday 14th September, 5pm CET, the Pokémon GTS website will be the place to go for fans across the globe, giving them access to top trading information such as the most traded Pokémon, most deposited and wanted Pokémon at the Global Trading Station, as well as discovering which Pokémon are being traded most in each country. The top 50 most traded Pokémon, as well the top 50 most wanted and most deposited Pokémon in the world.

Trying to work out which Pokémon are the best to collect? Using the GTS site, you can simply click on the image of the Pokémon being traded to gain all the information you could ever need, including Pokémon name, type, moves learnt and the time, date and country it was deposited in. What’s more, users have the opportunity to bookmark any Pokémon discovered, adding them to a ‘favourites’ folder to look out for next time they visit the GTS in Pokémon Diamond or Pokémon Pearl.

Using the interactive globe element, users can rotate and research Pokémon trading action from many parts of the world. By simply spinning the globe and clicking an area of interest, users can find out more details about the Pokémon but also discover facts about many countries, including capital city, population, language spoken and local greetings!

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