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Pokemon of the Week DP: Breloom

by Ninjomewtwo



Sleep Puncher

Item Held
Toxic Orb
Poison Heal
Effort Points
252 Attack – 220 Speed – 38 HP

Simple set to pull off. Put them to sleep with that awesome

100% sleep-inducing move and watch them fly after being hit by

Breloom’s STABed Focus Punch. Facade gets fantastic neutral coverage

along with Focus Punch and causes considerable damage to its

“counters”. Thunderpunch will OHKO Gyarados after Stealth Rock and

score a super-effective hit on Skarmory. Stone Edge will 2HKO both

Salamence and Gyarados. Seed Bomb gets STAB and can 2HKO most bulky

Waters, such as Vaporeon and Slowbro.

Swords Dance

Item Held
Toxic Orb
Poison Heal
Effort Points
252 Attack – 220 Speed – 38 HP

Not much is scarier than Swords Dance Breloom. Mach Punch

gets priority, so even faster foes aren’t safe. Thunderpunch will

2HKO Skarmory and OHKO Gyarados, while Seed Bomb gets STAB and will

get rid of bulky Water and Ground-type Pokémon. Facade is here once

again for its neutral damage to anything that isn’t Rock, Steel or

Ghost type, preventing Breloom from being walled. It also gets the

boost from the Toxic Orb. Spore is the alternative, which will put

foes to sleep and potentially give a chance to a free Swords


If you decided not to use Facade, Life Orb is a pretty decent

option over Toxic Orb. While you don’t have a way to heal Breloom

anymore, you have a massive Attack stat and a STABed priority move

further powered by Life Orb’s 1.3x boost. Of course, Breloom’s

survivability is significantly reduced.


Item Held
Toxic Orb
Poison Heal
Effort Points
252 Attack – 220 Speed – 38 HP

Breloom is sometimes considered a bit too slow to use a

SubSeed set, but Breloom has Poison Heal, making him unique. This is

just like any other SubSeed set. Predict the foe’s switch, set up a

Substitute, use Leech Seed, stall the foe’s team to death. Because

there will be a long line of consequtive uses of Substitute, Focus

Punch nicely complements this set. The last move can be important.

Spore will prevent the foe from attacking, which means a free

Substitute. Stun Spore slows the foe down, which helps Breloom’s poor

Speed, while still providing a 25% chance of not having your

Substitute broken. Seed Bomb will allow Breloom to hit Ghosts, which

would otherwise get a free switch-in on Focus Punch. This can be

avoided with some prediction by putting Ghosts to sleep as they

switch in with Spore, thus making it the superior choice most of the



Item Held
Toxic Orb
Poison Heal
Effort Points
252 Attack – 160 HP – 96 Speed

The infamous Breloom lead. Many people are willing to outrun

this guy just so that they don’t become asleep by Spore. Well, what

they don’t expect is a Mach Punch coming their way. Many common

leads, namely Weavile and Tyranitar, are weak to Fighting. Mach Punch

OHKOs Weavile and 2HKOs Tyranitar. Seed Bomb deals with Hippowdon and

Swampert leads, both of whom are common for setting an early Stealth

Rock. Spore allows you to put slower leads to sleep, and then proceed

to clobber them. Protect has two functions. Firstly, it gives you a

free turn for the Toxic Orb to kick in. Secondly, it allows you to

scout for which attack a Flying-type will use against you, thus

allowing you to switch to a good counter for it.

Other Possible Options

Sky Uppercut, Brick Break, and Superpower are

alternatives to Focus Punch and Mach Punch, but they

do not have the power or the priority that those two other moves

have. Force Palm’s 30%

chance of paralysis is also appealing, especially with Breloom’s poor

Speed. Bulk Up can be used,

but it’s generally inferior to Swords Dance. The

only time it could get serious consideration over Swords Dance is when

it is used with Superpower. A Choice

set is an option, but you lose Poison Heal recovery, the powerful Facade, and it’s

generally left better to Heracross. Stone Edge and Rock Slide are not

bad, but they only score 2HKOs on Gyarados and Salamence, who are the

two main targets. The Coba Berry would reduce Breloom’s Flying

weakness, but then you would lose the guaranteed Poison Heal recovery

and Facade’s boost.

The EVs for most sets are meant for Breloom to outrun Adamant Scizor. Max

Speed is always and option, as it will allow you to tie with other

Max Speed Breloom

and Adamant max Speed Metagross. The extra HP EVs allow for extra Poison Heal recovery. On the

LeadLoom set, not much more Speed is needed because he has Mach Punch, which

gets priority, and Seed Bomb is meant mainly for the slower bulky



The Sleep Punch Breloom is one of the hardest Pokémon to counter.

The mighty Bronzong

is 2HKOed by Focus Punch, as is Skarmory.

However, Rest-Talk Cresselia, with every EV put into HP and Defense, can absorb a Spore and will never

be 3HKOed by Facade. Cresselia

will then 2HKO with Psychic or Ice Beam. Some other

Rest-Talkers, such as Uxie, can do

the same thing.

The Swords Dance set is a

little harder to deal with. A Dusknoir

can take hits and will likely 2HKO with Fire Punch or Ice Punch. However,

he will be 2HKOed by Seed Bomb. Spiritimb can switch in, but can’t do anything in return. If he runs Spore, Breloom likely

won’t have Facade, which is his

major wallbreaker move. If so, Cresselia, Uxie,

and other Rest-Talkers will suffice.

SubSeeder is a different story. Grass-types are good, as they are

immune to Leech Seed. Sceptile

could switch in and take Breloom out with Aerial Ace, but he

could get put to sleep by Spore. Any Pokémon

with Taunt will completely

destroy this set, as it is not stopped by Substitute and will

leave Breloom with Focus Punch and maybe

one other attacking move.

There are a wide variety of revenge killers that can deal with

Breloom. Air Slash Yanmega,

Brave Bird Staraptor, and Aerial Ace Dugtrio

can switch-in after something has been killed and deal with their

respective moves. Ice Shard Weavile

can pick-off a slightly weakened Breloom. Don’t try to KO with Ice Punch, because

there might be a Mach Punch coming

your way.

Just a small note: Don’t bother with paralysis or burn when trying

to deal with Breloom. Nine out of ten times it is poisoned, so status

moves will do nothing. The best way to get rid of it is to exploit

its 4x Flying weakness.

Opinion & Notes

Because of D/P, Breloom became a fantastic Pokémon. Platinum has

now turned this guy into a beast. Just think about it: Not only is he

immune to poison, but he also benefits from it with Facade and Poison

Heal. What’s more, Thunderpunch became

available with Poison Heal, which is a huge gain. With resistances to

Rock (and therefore Stealth Rock,)

Electric, Water, Ground, and Dark, common attacks such as Thunderbolt and Earthquake are not

super-effective. With Spore, Swords Dance, a

priority move in the form of Mach Punch, and a

STABed Focus Punch too,

there isn’t much explaining needed to prove how great Breloom is.

Note that Superpower and Thunderpunch are

Platinum move tutor moves. You could get Thunderpunch from

Emerald, but then you lose your awesome Poison Heal ability.