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Pokemon of the Week DP: Milotic

by Ninjomewtwo



Standard Bulky Water

Item Held
Bold (+Defense, -Attack)
Effort Points
240 Defense – 148 HP – 122 Special Attack
  • Surf
  • Ice Beam
  • Hypnosis
  • Recover

This set has been the standard for Milotic in Advance and remains

unchanged in D/P. With Hypnosis becoming 10% more accurate, Recover and

awesome tanking abilities, Milotic will really slow down your opponent’s team.

Surf is obviously here for STAB and Ice Beam is mainly for the Dragons. About

the EP spread and the nature now, the ones suggested above are the standard as

it allows you to survive Garchomp’s Earthquake after a Swords Dance and OHKOs

it with Ice Beam (assuming max IVs). However, they may be changed according to

your preference depending on what you want your Milotic to counter. Another

suggested spread is 252 HP – 252 Special Defense – 6 Special Attack with a

Calm Nature which makes Milotic a fine SpecsMence counter.

Mirror Coat

Item Held
Bold (+Defense, -Attack)
Effort Points
252 HP – 232 Defense – 26 Special Attack
  • Surf
  • Mirror Coat
  • Ice Beam
  • Recover

Much like the previous set, but functions differently. You have to try

to bring your Milotic in on a Will-O-Wisp/Toxic or just switch in on Toxic

Spikes to activate Marvel Scale. Then, you’ll have a huge Defense stat,

forcing your opponent to hit you with a Special Attack. Then, Milotic can

counter that hit with Mirror Coat and Recover off the damage. Sure, not as

reliable as the first set, but it can score an unexpected KO.

You may ask why not use Flame Orb instead of Leftovers and hope for a

status inducing move by the opponent. The reason is really simple. The passive

damage that Milotic will take each turn will eat its HP faster than you

thought giving it problems against powerful hits.

Sleep Talker

Item Held
Bold (+Defense, -Attack)
Effort Points
252 HP – 232 Defense – 26 Special Attack
  • Surf
  • Rest
  • Sleep Talk
  • Ice Beam

With Rest activating Marvel Scale, Milotic makes a great Physical

Wall. However you must be able to predict when you’ll need to use Rest as a

single mistake can get your Milotic knocked out.

Other Possible Options

Other than Surf and Ice Beam, Dragon Pulse and Hidden Power Electric are the

only useful Special moves Milotic can get, but their use is occasional at

best. Toxic is also a move that you should consider using over Ice Beam if

your team has no Salamence/Garchomp problems. Milotic can annoy with Confuse

Ray too if you want. Light Screen gives a nice Special Defense boost to the

rest of your team and Safeguard prevents status inducing moves. This is not

always good though as you’ll want to activate Marvel Scale most of the time.

Finally, Haze is an option but Vaporeon and Weezing are much better at it.


Metagross and Electivire’s Thunderpunch is probably the best way to take

Milotic down if it hasn’t activated Marvel Scale. A Zapdos with Sleep Talk is

also an awesome counter as it has no problem getting a Hypnosis too. Raikou

can Substitute to avoid Hypnosis, Calm Mind up easily and OHKO. Magnezone can

use Substitute and hit as well.

Charge Beam Cresselia makes a quite good counter. Blissey can wall Milotic

while waking up any Pokémon affected by Hypnosis with its Aromatherapy.

Empoleon and Starmie’s Grass Knot, Ludicolo’s Energy Ball, Abomasnow’s Wood

Hammer and even a Life Orb boosted Energy Ball/Thunderbolt by Gengar will do

the job. Finally, most Rest + Sleep Talk users won’t have many problems

against Milotic.

Opinion & Notes

Unfortunately, the generation jump gave Milotic a lot of new things to worry.

Physical Electric and Grass moves, Tyranitar’s Special Defense boost, Choice

Specs boosted Draco Meteor and Garchomp’s Life Orb boosted Earthquake are not

going to help Milotic walling whole teams as it did in Advance. Certainly, it

got a 10% boost in Hypnosis’ accuracy but compared to Slack Off that Slowbro

gained and to Stealth Rock and Avalanche that Swampert did, it’s not that

much. However, Milotic is still a pretty solid defensive option when used


Note that Hypnosis and Mirror Coat cannot be used in the same set.