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Pokemon of the Week and Darkrai!

by Ninjomewtwo

One more addition to our Pokémon of the Week page this week. This week’s featured Pokémon is an evolution of a Pokémon of the second generation. Be sure not to miss the new guide about Weavile. Enjoy!

In case you haven’t seen it yet, Nintendo has opened the Darkrai page. I hope this mean that we will be able to get a Darkrai soon. Also, in the video games page, look at the third pic. One of those dudes working on the site must have forgotten to erase a message saying “Thanks again for all the hard work. Whne its done go ahead and make it live.” By the way, the movie teaser is awesome.

Edit: Bronzong was added today to our Pokémon of the Week page, be sure to read it!