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About the recent downtime.

by Arty2

I suppose you have all noticed that we had a some server issues during the past few days. Thankfully it’s all been resolved now. Skip the following paragraph if you have no interest in the cause.

Apparently some weird browsers would bring the server CPU load to the maximum by missinterpreting the “./” in the site’s references as a continious loop instead of just “/”. We also had to take down the RSS reader while investigating this, but now it’s back up, well with longer update intervals anyway.

You have also probably noticed that the webmaster has been on a hiatus during the past few months; not something that will change dramatically but I’ll try to throw an update every so often (mostly meddle with the technical stuff of the website) and make a new layout at some point since some people claim that we do need a refreshed look.

In other news, there’s a new Pokémon Of The Week by Blue, the fearsome Machamp and some interesting rumours lying around about a third game in the Diamond & Pearl line, called Pokémon Platinum, featuring Giratina and set for September release. According to Serebii:

… In the run up to Thursday’s CoroCoro release, info is likely to be leaked. As such, the japanese blog, blue skY, a blog that got some info right prior to DP’s release (also got some stuff wrong), has reported some new info said to be from CoroCoro. It’s entirely possible that this is not true, especially as they themselves cast some doubt upon it, but here’s the info as you do have a right to know:

  • Pokémon Platinum, set for September release. Giratina on the box
  • Volkner no longer gym leader of Sunyshore City
  • The Underground is now Wi-Fi enabled
  • An island called Battle Island, works in the same manner as the Battle Frontier
  • Several new Pokémon ’forms’ exist in the game; Giratina’s Origin Form, Regigigas’ Sky Form, Shaymin’s Another Form
  • Edit @ 13:56 BST: Thanks to slowkingsley on the forums, we have some further info regarding these translated. Giratina & Regigigas’ new forms are said to be able to get the Levitate ability and Shaymin’s Another form may be at least part Ice Type

As stated before THIS IS NOT 100% CONFIRMED…

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