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New Game-Freak title to be announced this Sunday!

by Celesi

Hello all, today’s been a day of a -hopefully- much promising announcement for all Pokémon fans.

The show and website of “Pokémon Sunday” has announced that at the episode which will be aired next week, some really interesting news will be presented and, most likely, it will be a whole new Game-Freak game, meaning that another Pokémon title will be coming out this year. Nothing has been officially announced as to what game this is going to be, but there are some speculations that this will be about the much-anticipated Gold/Silver Remake. Chances are this is pretty possible, as there are many signs prooving it, for example the new figures of the “Metal Generation’s” starters, Totodile, Chikorita and Cyndaquil, which will be released in Japan on 9/19/09. Still, as said before, these are just speculations, nothing is officialy confirmed, so anything can be expected at the time being.

Stay tuned for more everyone, and as for the greek members who wish to read this in Greek, this news article is waiting for you in the Greek version of the site, translated from fr3quency.