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What we would like to see in Pokemon Heart-Gold and Soul-Silver.

by Blue

The hotly anticipated remakes of Pokemon Gold and Silver have finally been revealed! After a discussion with NinjoMewtwo we present to you the features that we would like to see in Pokemon Heart-Gold and Soul-Silver. Note that nothing is known yet about these games. The following features are just fan based expectations!

The original Storyline

First of all we would like to see the original storyline untouched. Any additional content is well accepted but only if it is between Johto and Kanto, or after Kanto. We hope that the Johto adventure will not change a bit!

Upgraded Visuals

In Gold and Silver there are a lot of compicated sights like the train or the various towers. We expect to see beautiful visuals there according to the style of D/P/Pt or even better. Furthermore a good job should be done with the intro. The FR/LG remakes had spectacularly remade intros and we expect the same by Heart-Gold and Soul-Silver. It would be a good idea to keep the diffrent sprites between Gold and Silver. It would be an even better idea to give us exactly the same sprites redone with better quality. That would give the perfect feeling of the old being new again.

Beautiful Sound

The sounds will surely be remixed. What we want is respect to the original sounds. They did it quite well with FR/LG and they should be able to do it again here.

Pokemon that should remain where they used to be.

This is pretty much covered by the “original storyline expectation”, but we want to make something clear: The red Gyarados HAS to be there plus Lugia and HooH should be in both versions instead of becoming version exclusives.

Additional Content

If added with respect to the original story, additional content is very welcome. Here is what we want to see:

-Add some extras from Crystal. Battle Tower and the extra content regarding the Unown should be there

-Give us Mewtwo! If he should not be in the unknown dungeon in Cerulean, he should be in a new island. He just have to be somehwere!

-A new time capsule. Pal Park is OK but Time Capsule was a signature of Gold and Silver. They can apply the same rules of backwards compatibility, but we think they should not limit us to 6 Pokemon per day.

-GTS. A GTS similar to the one of Platinum will be a very welcome addition.

-A special event with Celebi. Yes, everybody was searching for Celebi back then. Just give us the same event but in European and US versions as well!

-A better story regarding Team Rocket. Between Johto and Kanto or even after Kanto we would like to see a good storyline involving Team Rocket. Maybe Giovanni should return to take revenge…

-A stronger Elite4. It would be a good idea to have a stronger Elite4 after the end of the extra storyline just like in Fire-Red and Leaf-Green.

The Cloning Glitch!

Let’s face the truth. Sooner or later some dedicated Pokemon Nerds will find a way to clone Pokemon in any version. Instead of making things difficult we ask Nintendo to give us the original Cloning Trick that everybody knows and loves!

A surprise

Nintendo knows how to surprise us in a possitive way. We think that there should be at least one surprise that we cannot predict but will make us very happy!

These are our hopes and expectations about the upcoming remakes. Now it’s your turn to tell us what would you like to see in Pokemon Heart-Gold and Soul Silver!

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