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Greek WiFi Championship Finale!

by Arty2

Greek flag with Pikachu

After 3 months and 3 days of intense yet slooow paced battles, the first Greek Wi-Fi Pokémon Championship, organized by Nintendo.gr with the support of Legendary Pokémon, has a winner!

Kudos to champion JimDim who excelled among the 62 participants and to our own GeorgeSlayer for getting the silver medal! Of course you can check out the Battle Video by searching the Video no. 76-46244-52249 on Pokémon Platinum’s Wi-Fi service.

We would like to thank everyone that participated for their co-operation; train well during your summer vacation and get ready for a second take this Autumn!

Hit the break for the battle video or fav it on YouTube in our newborn channel!

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