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Oak’s Letter global WiFi event!

by Arty2


If you have an American, European or Australian Pokémon Platinum version, then hurry up and download Oak’s Letter before November 8th! This key item allows you to go beyond Route 224 and access the natural habitat of Shaymin. This event also allows you to obtain the Gracidea flower in Floaroma Town, which helps Shaymin transform into its Sky Forme.

To enable Mystery Gift, go to Jubilife City, on the 3rd floor of the TV building, there is a TV producer. The correct answer to their question is: Everybody Happy followed by: Wi-Fi Connection. Then, after saving the game, Mystery Gift can be found on the Game Menu under Continue and New Game. A wireless internet connection is required; if you don’t have one at home check your local Starbucks or Mc Donalds for free Wi-Fi.

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